Finest back pain mattresses

These finest back pain mattresses have qualities that put an end to all that tossing and turning. You may think that you need a warm mattress that holds you in all the right ways if you wake up with throbbing, get-me-an-Advil-stat back pain. Or, you might turn to a best memory foam mattresses that holds your back flat and holds your hips from falling.

Mattress for optimal spinal health

The best mattress for any sleeper in terms of optimal spinal health and alignment is one that maintains a comfortable, neutral spine position, or where all three curves of the spine are correctly present and aligned, providing a faint ‘S’ form to the spine. Most significantly, it can help preserve the normal lumbar lordosis of the body, a.k.a. the internal curve of the lower back spine. But if you’re struggling with back problems, the bed you spend more than eight hours on each night can be a good BFD. Your mattress will have a significant effect on back pain by affecting your sleeping position during the night with the amount of support and relaxation offered by your mattress. This makes it impossible to remain asleep in some situations or get relaxed falling asleep.

Mattress for lower spine

The lower spine could bend too far inward or not far enough when a mattress is too soft for back and belly sleepers, which may cause or intensify back pain. The hips could sink too deep for side sleepers, reducing the perfect neutral spine. If you had taken your place and re-imagined it standing erect, you would have leaned on one side with your hips jutting out.

It’s no safer to get a mattress that is as hard as a slab, as it can place so much weight on certain bony areas of the body, like the hips and shoulders. The outcome: sore shoulders, tense hips, and a persistent night of tossing and turning. Ok, maybe the wrong mattress is not the only reason you’re up all night. It points out that the coronavirus pandemic will also cause issues with sleep.

Medium-firm mattress

A medium-firm mattress is your best bet, whether you have backaches from the moment you hit the mattress or are only in desperate need of some shut-eye. This style provides the spine with optimum protection by not loading more weight on one region than others, which allows you to sleep with a neutral spine during the night. This theory is also reinforced by research: a systematic analysis of 24 studies demonstrated that medium-firm mattresses are ideal for supporting comfort and quality of sleep.

We hope that this information is helpful to you in your search of the right mattress, and leads you to nights full of sleep!